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Individual Presentations/Panels

The National Mental Health Court Summit is putting out a call for papers. The Summit is scheduled for July 18-20, 2018, in Park City, Utah, and is dedicated to education and training in the creation, organization, operation, and function of mental health court programs. As the Summit is designed to be a collaboration of mental health, legal, and criminal justice professionals from across the country, presentations will reflect a broad diversity of topics including establishing a court, pre-enrollment considerations, in-court decision-making, and specialty court sustainability. Tracks specific to treatment providers, law enforcement, legal actors, and researchers will be available.

We invite proposals for workshops, panels, and individual presentations that will significantly contribute to the National Mental Health Court Summit (MCHS) aim of facilitating education and training in the creation, organization, operation, and function of mental health court programs. Examples of proposal topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Establishing a Mental Health Court
  • Justice Reforms and Mental Health
  • Guns and Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  • Drugs and Mental Health
  • Veterans and Mental Health
  • Other

Applied Workgroups

This year the MHCS is featuring applied workgroup sessions that will allow interested individuals from across the region and country to share ideas and formulate goals for their respective mental health courts. Applied workgroups will be organized by roles in the mental health court (e.g., judges, counsel, clinical team members, and probation/parole/law enforcement).

Please see the National Mental Health Court Summit website for more information:

By submitting a paper, potential speakers imply agreement to the following:

  • Workshops and panels will be 1.25 hours in length.
  • If selected as a presenter, you are expected to register for the conference and pay for your own travel expenses. Presenters attending the conference receive a discounted conference registration fee.
  • Prior to the start of the conference, presenters agree to provide MHCS with an electronic copy of any presentation and handout materials for inclusion in the conference proceedings and/or to make available to workshop participants via the MHCS website.
  • MHCS may publish all or part of the proceedings of this conference. Presenting at the conference represents an implied agreement that MHCS has the right to include your presentation in future publications or on its website should it decide to do so. Presenters are not precluded from publishing their materials elsewhere, nor is MHCS obligated to include any presentation material in any book, monograph, publication, or other communication that may arise from this conference. Please note that all sessions may be audio taped.